2O15 China (Zhejiang) the fifth session of the LED lighting industry chain to support the meeting notice

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Print dispatch Co sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Association of electrical lighting, Zhejiang CHENFENG Technology Co., Ltd. 2015 China (Zhejiang) the fifth LED lighting industry chain preferred matched meeting scheduled for 2015 June 17 to 19 held in Jiaxing Haining salt, the Qiantang tide scenic riverside road No. 3 Qianjiang OCT Hotel (Wednesday to Friday).Conference theme: how to innovate in the LED lighting market segments, doing fine, strong.About 150 professional units are expected to participate in the meeting of more than 300 representatives.


The main topics of this conference (Forum):

1 invite relevant government departments to promote the healthy development of LED lighting industry policy guidance;

Analysis of the industrial structure and the trend of the 2015 2.LED lighting industry in 2014;

3 capital market to boost the lighting business in the market segments do fine, strong new ways;

Research Report on production bottleneck and Countermeasure of 4.LED bulb filament lamp;

5 called the best cost-effective LED bulb lamp heat sink;

Application advantages of 6 nm ceramic substrate lamp strip;

7 modular selection and matching to create a competitive advantage of outdoor street lamps;

8 with industry leading position of LED street lamp superconducting heat module radiator;

9.LED lighting and Internet of things;

10 new hot spots in the forefront of lighting: intelligent lighting and electricity suppliers marketing.

Conference contact: Jiang Xiumin (13600547879), Xu Jisheng (13857133000), Jin Xiaoli (QQ1321543059)

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