The province to promote the machine substitutions exchange meeting

Editor:Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-08 

On October 23-24, the province to promote the machine substitutions site exchange will be held in Haining. Province by letter to the committee, the provincial science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Banking Board, Haining City, China Heavy Truck Group, Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Co., Ltd. for the exchange of the general assembly to speak. The meeting also organized visited the Zhejiang Zhongcheng packing material Co., Ltd, Fu Ding Electronic Technology (Jiashan) Co., Ltd., China Heavy Truck Group, Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mega Electrical Co., Ltd., Haining Jinmao Hardware Co., Ltd., Zhejiang CHENFENG lampholder typical enterprise limited company and Zhejiang Mei Industrial Co., Ltd. and other seven machine substitutions.

Vice governor Mao Guanglie after listening to all localities and departments and enterprises on behalf of the exchange floor and investigated typical enterprises, fully affirmed the since this year the province's machine substitutions work to achieve results, describes the machine substitutions of the connotation, the trend and focus, emphasizes the part link machine substitution, production line automation, automation production line processing robot, machine network, factory network five suitable for the promotion of our province at the present stage machine substitution "way, clearly the next step implementation machine substitution 555 to promote programs focus on the content of, and for fighting in the fourth quarter, to ensure that the annual industrial economic development goals to complete the work requirements are put forward.

Zhang Jinru, director of the committee, presided over the meeting. Li Shangkui, deputy director of the provincial Commission on behalf of the provincial Commission for communication. Province 11 design district city deputy mayor in charge of industry and the Commission by letter to the director, 20 industrial county (city, district) pilot units in the building industry in charge of deputy county (city, district) long and the letter of the Secretary, provincial relevant units responsible person to attend the meeting. (Chen Bo)