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Talent Concept

Human Resources Strategy

Through the introduction of talent strategy, education and training strategies, management improvement strategy, the effective implementation of compensation and benefits strategy and employer brand strategy, create a "work in the morning Fung, learning Chen Feng, development of Chen Feng, success in Chenfeng" talent career development ecosystem.

Concept of human resources

Adhere to fair, just and open, competitive position fit employing the principle, with the industry and the company's development prospects attractive, with career development platform for nurturing people with vision, goals motivate people, with an open, inclusive and collaborative atmosphere for business stay live people, encourage innovative talent, boarded a broader stage.

Human resources objectives

Stick around "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, to attract, develop and retain the company's industry is closely related to high-level talent, build a reasonable configuration, structural optimization of elite talent team; an effective macro and micro development of human resources and management capacity , the formation of all levels of employees humane, efficient management; constantly improve the innovation remuneration system, and corporate brands, appropriate to the scale, the protection of the reasonable flow, to stabilize the backbone of the workforce provide a solid guarantee; shaping the lighting industry excellent employer image building "learning organization" employee growth mechanism to effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.

Human resource mechanism

The talent as the driving force behind the company's most important asset and long-term development through the establishment of selection echelon personnel training mechanism, performance evaluation mechanism science fair disaggregated systematic training mechanism, extensive welfare reasonable distribution mechanism, enterprises and employees to build long-term community of interests and win-win, to achieve common development of enterprises and employees.