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Selection of lighting, easy care is the main point

2016-08-22 10:40:11 Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Read

In recent years, with the development of Xining City decoration decoration industry, people of family arrangement is more and more personalized, details, attention from traditional hard mounted gradually soft outfit, lighting has become the crowning touch to the soft decoration.

Walk in Xining, the decoration decoration materials market, lighting franchise stores also really many, visits, the reporter found that, along with the continuous progress of modern lighting technology and new materials, new technology, new technology is widely used, and people of various lighting principle and the use of the environment in-depth research, breaking the previous simple lighting, lighting environment of traditional philosophy, greatly enrich the expressive force of modern lamps and lanterns, lamp decoration on the lighting environment and landscaping means. Using computer aided design, the requirements of the lighting brightness, light distribution curve, function, structural design of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns in the premise of the effectiveness of light meet the practical demand and maximize play, pay more attention to the appearance of the lamp decorative aesthetic effect, lighting style is more rich, decorative effect more personality, more energy efficient is the mainstream.

Energy saving and environmental protection, easy to take care of a trend

It is understood that the market sales of lighting, increasingly prefer more headlights. It has a rich style, pastoral style, classical style, to meet the needs of different groups of people. Although the lamp, but because the use of LED lamps, energy-saving effect is good and the same is true of the lighting intensity, by many consumers of all ages. "LED light long life, not easy to bad and energy saving, 3 to 1 watts will be able to meet the lighting of a room. Some lamps can also be fitted with energy-saving light bulbs." Crystal crystal ornaments lighting shop Zhao manager said.

How beautiful are the headlights, but speaking of cleaning work, let many people flinch. Citizens Ms. Wang took a fancy to a fancy lamp chandelier, exquisitely beautiful, bending the branches, the fine flower, let her fondle admiringly, but speaking after cleaning, she was worried.

In the interview, we learned that the current development trend of lighting is easy to take care of. In the market, only decorative lighting can not meet the needs of the. Now a lot of lighting using acrylic material, in the off state by semi dry dishcloth, gently rub, and be clean. Crystal for K9 crystal lamp, if the adsorption of the general fumes, smoke left the smoke and dust, but also can be used to wipe a semi dry cloth. For some complex structure, special materials, lighting, some of the lighting stores to provide free cleaning of the nursing work.

Safe fashion luxury

The choice of lighting should also be suitable for users. Such as simple shape, easy to take care of the safety of the lamp, suitable for the elderly and children. Such as imported acrylic than general acrylic thick hands is not easy to bend, life can not be deformed, yellow. It is safe and not easy to fall off the dust.

See a flower shape as the lamp chandelier in the star above Home Furnishing, ceramic flower can be removed for cleaning. This kind of garden style lighting is suitable for the wedding, or the girl's house.

A lamp is a real punchline. Visited the reporter found the Xining lighting in the most luxurious one. This is called the Saiersha Italy palace lamp in Xining market, by many consumers. The lamp cap, the low voltage lamp posts, flower shaped, firing craft glass flower shaped, tulip, pomegranate flower shape, even turn on the light for 24 hours, the flowers is not hot. Two of them named silver fox, fox lighting is extremely luxurious, with the silver foil, gold foil. This lamp not only has pendant lamp, desk lamp, also can make the lamp that cut off, through light sex, adornment sex is very good.