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The purchase of lighting techniques

2016-08-22 10:41:24 Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Read

1, convenience and safety

When the selection of the dome light, the first consideration for the convenience of changing light bulbs, after all, the light bulb is a very common thing, if the room is high enough, the pendant is a good choice. But in order to clarify the lamp screw diameter, because some non-standard caliber cannot use energy-saving bulb.

In addition, the kitchen and toilet water vapor is large, relatively humid, so in the purchase should also consider the problem of lighting lamps.

2, concise and delicate

Palace carved hollow chandelier delicate lines, carving delicate; modern styling, seven, eight lotus flower lined up, the size of the order petals real... But the complexity of even complicated modeling for the small size of the room can feel overwhelming, depressed, and northern air dry, dusty, too complicated for the cleanness of lamps and lanterns up will be very troublesome. Modern people advocating simplicity, lamps and lanterns, simple does not mean simple, concise modeling are often more with the spirit of the times, with strong texture of metal color, is really make the finishing point.

3, coordination and unity

Lighting is a complement to the overall design of the room, so in the style to be coordinated and consistent, in order to echo each other. A lot of people are decorated like in the aisle or living room with iron products for decoration, such as glass doors with wrought iron flower, hanging on the wall is wrought iron clock, iron tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if coupled with a lamp pipe material of the chandelier effect will be very good; and a gold handle, golden color lamp in the room, gold decoration lamp can also match. In short, the same room with different features of the style, color and style of the best can be unified.

4, effect and emotional appeal

Lighting is the most direct function of the lamp, but to let the light just right to set off our daily life, which also has a lot of knowledge. Desk lamp, different choices, the resulting projection effects and emotional appeal will also have a lot of changes. Sheepskin lamp shade and Japanese paper lampshade, relatively thin and light texture transparent, soft light and elegant; combination of imitation mahogany and rosin jade lampshade, light turned yellow, and mahogany furniture matching items, antique, but also become a unique decorative objects and furniture decoration of supplement and foil; the Roman type metal desk lamp, itself is a miniature sculptures, quite artistic temperament.

The above is a small series for you to sort of a few of the lighting of the purchase of the skills we want to help