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Buy crystal lighting from the lighting of the shape of the material to start

2016-08-22 10:43:50 Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Now, crystal lighting is no longer the European medieval royalty and nobility of the patent. When we entered the luxury hotels, hotel or visiting some economic strong car and pay attention to the family home layout when, often to appreciate the magnificent colors, everywhere Shenghui crystal lamp.

Crystal lighting in addition to its own indoor lighting effects, its unique cultural background, and in the classical or modern design to create different effects, rendering environment atmosphere, showing the noble and elegant taste.

Additions to the lighting should be paid attention to the following matters:

1 from the point of view: the shape of a square, round, oval, candle, lotus shaped diamond, etc..

2 in the installation way: hanging, erect, mosaic.

3 from the production of materials: gold (silver, chromium, nickel, etc.) metal framework, exquisite metal lace, glass, crystal, etc..

As long as the master of the purpose and nature of the lamps and lanterns, consider hanging place function, combined with the owner of the hobby and decorative style, from the point of view of the lamps and lanterns of modeling, grade, size, quality and other aspects can from sensitive style variety, thousands of lamps and lanterns to find their own lamps and lanterns.

4 lamps and lanterns modeling: the shape of the lamp, should be the whole interior environment, decoration style of coordination.

Crystal lamp hung, generally suitable for modern style hall, the hall layout, display magnificent style, more suitable for trendy type selection, geometric pattern, art decorative lamps and lanterns.

5 lamp size: Lamp size and space size, height matching.

For example: in the space Pope spacious hall, lobby, the giant crystal glass chandelier, hanging in the central high, can not only show that the environment elegant, people focus attention and highlight grade, the right to render the atmosphere.

It is worth noting that due to the building of civil engineering design and construction, on line are has a whole layout, so pattern of the ceiling should pay attention to and the choice of styles to match; droplight of weight should be taking into account the ceiling of the load-bearing gross national product, must have at least one times above the safety coefficient.

. surface treatment: general crystal chandelier (including ceiling lamps, half hanging ceiling lamps) surface treatment with plating 24K gold dominated, is to show the effect of brilliant gold wall, exquisitely carved.

Really 24K gold plating lamp holder, its bright color at least maintained for more than 5 years; acid gold or gold imitation lamp holder, in the purchase of new lamps, are often not easy to identify, consumers should be in good standing, sales of high-grade lighting stores to buy more appropriate. Such as 24 carat gold, as short as 2 and 3 months, as long as a year or so, the lamp frame surface will appear black rust spots.

7. Electrical wiring, lamp holder: high-grade crystal lamp will by national certification of high safety coefficient, thief excellent wires and a lamp cap. Cheap, shoddy wire and the lamp will not only damage the consumers' rights and interests, and will lead to wire the sticky, easy to aging, short circuit, resulting in fire and other serious consequences.

8. Lighting effects: to make crystal lighting fully exert the effect, the light source must be clear, do not use scrub or color lighting, just with ordinary clear and bright bulb (commonly known as the "light bulb") can achieve the magnificent colors of the effects of crystal lamp. You can also install a light dark school button, easy to meet the needs of different time, different occasions.