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The lamp and upside down! Up and down the new type of desk lamp

2016-08-22 10:45:48 Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Since its invention in nineteenth Century, the basic structure, that is, the bracket base and suspended light bulbs, there is little change. Days ago, the United States, Las Vegas, a design company using a new technology called Waveguide Optical (optical waveguide), produced an appearance is no different, but the internal structure is to subvert the traditional "flip" desk lamp. A lamp 13W LED lights hidden in the lamp base, the special design of the cooling system can ensure generated heat timely loss; and light emitted by the bulb is via a root total internal reflection light pipe convey to the top of the diffuse reflection area, soft and bright light which lit up the room. Advanced technology combined with elegant styling, will make your living room out of the ordinary! The table lamp is expected in February next year, the sale price of $799.