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Suqian Jiangsu 2082 LED energy-saving lamps for new energy saving more than 50%

2016-08-22 10:46:15 Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Suqian evening news yesterday afternoon, reporters in the urban area of Yinma Di on the road to see, some of the construction personnel is replacing new energy-saving LED lights. Reporter then from the city street lighting management office learned that recently in Sucheng District, within the scope of the LED energy-saving light source to replace the old high pressure sodium lamp, lamp not only higher brightness, and more than old lamp energy-saving 50%. "This total to replace the old street lamp 2082, covering the main street of the city, the project is expected to end this week." City street lighting office staff said. After preliminary calculations by the reporter, the 2082 LED energy saving lamps will save electricity 1 million 130 thousand yuan per year.