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The 106th Canton Fair

2016-08-22 10:54:05 Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Canton Guangzhou year bring direct and indirect economic benefits of 32.644 billion yuan, Guangzhou factor in boosting the economy reached 1:13.6, higher than the global exhibition of the Kingdom - the average level of the exhibition industry in Germany

Business people sigh: "Fair is a self-contained industry"

"Fair opened, business like I usually do a lot of running day turnover of about five or six hundred; during Canton Fair every year, can reach more than 700, but also occasionally break 800." Reporters take a taxi to go to the exhibit hall interview Fair case of Cornelius Tao, a simple subjective impressions, reflecting the vivid Fair to boost regional economy strong role in Guangzhou.

October 14, cooperation by the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Sun Yat-sen's "Fair stimulating regional economic benefits of research projects," announced the research results. Research project to the autumn of 2008 the 104th Canton Fair and the spring of 2009 the 105th Field surveys and data as the basis, the total recovered 16804 valid questionnaires. Study shows that two-year Fair brings direct and indirect economic benefits of Guangzhou totaled 32.644 billion yuan, accounting for 3.96% of GDP in the year 2008, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Economic and pulling coefficient reached 1:13.6, higher than global exhibitions Kingdom - German exhibition industry average.

Canton significantly boost the regional economy

Canton Fair - China's first exhibition, the world's largest exhibition of its enormous economic boost for all to see, business people lamented: "Fair is a self-contained industry!"

This is not difficult to understand, Canton each attract foreign buyers about 17 million people, with tens of thousands of staff each 22 000 exhibitors, all of a sudden hundreds of thousands gathered in Guangzhou, eat, drink, to live, to the car, naturally stimulating substantial growth in local restaurants, hotels, transportation, retail and so on. Fair spokesman Chen Chaoren introduced, compared with daily visits within and outside the ear tourists, domestic and foreign businessmen to participate in the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Guangdong and stay for a long time, more than the average daily consumption. Research shows that buyers in Guangzhou stay an average of 7.27 days, the per capita consumption of 4068.8 yuan per day; exhibitors spike residence time of 7.5 days, the per capita consumption of 2956.4 yuan per day.

This, before the opening around the exhibition hall from each Canton hotels popular phenomenon can be seen. According to the relevant person in charge of a hotel travel service website presentation, before the opening of the 106th Canton Fair week received every day about 600 consulting Book Fair Hotels phone. Affected Guangzhou hotel overall prices rise, some hotels even than usual up about five percent. Among them, the five-star hotels average price of 1000-3000 yuan, four-star hotels average price of 600-700 yuan.

Driven by the huge demand, each Canton Fair to bring all relevant sectors of sales tax revenue of about 214 million yuan, of which, transportation 4.8783 million yuan, 5.2627 million yuan culture and sports, entertainment 25.9238 million yuan, Posts and Telecommunications 2.2789 million yuan communications industry, services 113,573,100 yuan, China Foreign Trade Center (Group) paid business tax of about 61.8 million yuan. Two year total of about 428 million yuan. Summary 2001 - 2007 tax data, the researchers found that, in April and October during the Canton Fair, Guangzhou average overall tax revenues mean higher each month rate were 23.42%, 20.19%, respectively, the city's comprehensive 4 peak one point tax revenue.

Fair stimulating effect on employment is more obvious. Studies have shown that full-time or part-time employment in the next Canton directly led to 5.4613 million; full-time or part-time employment indirectly lead to around 97.078 million.

Taken together, the direct economic benefits to the Canton Fair each brought, namely domestic and foreign visitors and business institutions in Guangzhou direct consumption expenditure was 5.525 billion yuan, excluding the cost of long-distance traffic, not excluding Guangzhou accommodation of domestic and foreign business people related spending, indirect economic effects of 10.797 billion yuan, a total of about 16.322 billion yuan.

Polish "Millennium business' brand

At present, Guangzhou is vigorously readjust the industrial structure, build a modern industrial system. The first half of this year, the services sector accounted for Guangzhou GDP proportion reached 60%, ranking second in China mainland cities. There are indications that Guangzhou has entered the "industrial economy" to a "service economy" transformation, accelerate the construction of modern industrial system critical stage, but with the international advanced cities, Guangzhou modern services in industrial scale, hierarchy, attract investment grade, radiation function, etc., are also "a huge gap." Guangzhou Party Secretary Zhu Xiaodan said publicly that the main direction of Guangzhou adjust the industrial structure as the main body is a service industry.

"The economic development of the city known as the 'engine' of the exhibition, due to its huge industry leading role, not only to enhance the significance of regional economic prosperity and the total amount of major Guangzhou, but also with the general direction of the current industrial structure adjustment and does not seek together. "Professor, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Exhibition industry Research Institute Liusong Ping believes that the Canton Fair in Guangzhou itself is currently strong proponent of modern producer services, while relying on its enormous size and influence driven by hotels, restaurants, transportation transportation, etc., has become an important part of the service industry. Fair fight this "brand" will help accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading of Guangzhou, Guangzhou is conducive to further polish "Millennium business' brand.

Survey shows that Fair Buyer of services and infrastructure facilities in Guangzhou, including hotel accommodation, catering, entertainment, transportation and service hall five, generally expressed more satisfied, but there are still some aspects need to substantially improve, including : improving transport facilities and improve the participants to Canton Fair convenience; perfect Pazhou Complex and around the hotel, catering, leisure and entertainment facilities in the vicinity of the exhibition hall opened to facilitate exhibitors to communicate with customers for business and leisure venues; the city and multi-zone opened the hall in different local flavor restaurant; do-star hotel planning and management, focusing on standardized three-star hotel; good security and health security work; to improve urban residents and other foreign language communication skills.